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drink sea water

The Best Video from Expert: What happens when you drink sea water?

Can we drink sea water? How To Turn Sea Water Into Drinking Water? What Happens When You Drink Sea Water? You will find all this questions’ answers in our article.

How many percent of earh is covered in water?

Do you know 70% of the earth is covered in water but only 2% of that is pure as clean drinking water. Today, we will talk about what happenend if you drink seawater and how to turn sea water into drinking water?

What is osmosis and reverse osmosis?

can we drink sea water

First, we go to high school years and remember from science class, osmosis process. When we drink water, our body or our cells absorb water by osmosis process. Let’s we remember osmosis process. You think, there are two type of water in a cup and seperated with semi permable membrane. One section has concentrated water, other side has fresh water, membrane allow just water pass through, does not allow other matters to pass because of molecule size. Such as salts can not pass the membrane. Naturally, water passes from lower concentrated fresh water side to more salty or high concentrated solution side. This is called as osmosis and it is naturally happened, no need additional force from outside.

drink sea water

So, when you drink fresh water, water goes into cell because cell inside concentration is higher. But when you drink seawater, because of high salt concentration of seawater, cells force water molecules out in order to re-set balance, so water goes out from cell inside. As a result, you drink seawater and your cells are loosing water. Cell dehydration can cause people died.

How we can make fresh water from seawater? How we can remove salt from seawater? We talked about osmosis process at the begining of video. In osmosis process, water naturally tends to go concentrated water side, if we reverse this process, water goes from salty or concentrated side to less concentrated side. To make this one , we need outside force. It is pressure. We force seawater pass through semipaermable membrane, because of size of molecules, water pass but bigger molecules like salt, minerals, bacteria and viruses which are bigger than water molecules do not pass through membrane’s pores and we get a fresh water.


What is sea water desalination?

We call this process, seawater desalination process with reverse osmosis membrane. Now, we see the some of our project cases to desalinate seawater and gain fresh water.

We design system based on:
1. Water source
2. Water analysis report
3. Treated water usage or application
4. Your budget

Industrial Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems

So, water source and analysis report is important to design system for technology side. Such as what is the flow rate, which pressure we have to apply, which type of membrane we have to use an so on.

Hence, application or treated water usage is also another important parameter to design system. Because some application need very high grade pure water, such as pharmaceutical industry, we have to reduce total dissolved solids less than 1ppm, but if it is for irrigation, for some cases 500ppm is enough for treated water.

commercial seawater desalination system

Your budget is also another issue. So, material selection, brand selection, adding some additional accessories and tools into the system. It depends on your budget.

Now, we see our 100 liter per hour sea water desalination system. Meanwhile, our customer is from Maldives and uses this system in his boat for tourist sightseeing tour. This system is very suitable for home, boat, resort and small scale hotels. In one hour, you can get 100 liter water, if you add a water storage tank, you can stock water, your system does not need to work all the time.

If you are looking for portable, small seawater desalination system to drink sea water, so, it is very suitable for you. Economical and easy to use. From link you can sea how to operate and install this system.  100 lph SWRO sea water desalination reverse osmosis system guide.

Here, another project it is about 25m3 per hour. Meanwhile, our customer is from Philippines and uses this system for a community living in an island where there is no any fresh water. So, they have just one option, it is to turn seawater to fresh drinking water. Also customer has electrical problem at island and we solve it with solar panel application.

If you want to get more details about industrial sea water desalination plant SWRO, please click the link accordingly.

Sometimes, our customer said that they need fresh water, they have just seawater source, but they will stay there for a period, maybe 6 months maybe 1 year and then go to other location to start new project, they do not want to waste their money to make a building for desalination system, and also mostly there is no electric power. Chunke containerized solar desalination plant is very suitable for this kind of case. Can we drink sea water if you use CHUNKE sea water desalination plant, ansver is absolutely is YES.  Here some of our containerized solar powered water treatment systems. It is plug and play system, you just need inlet, outlet and waste water outlet piping, and connect main electric power cable. It is done.

solar desalination plant

To learn more how does reverse osmosis system work, i put a link here for you. How does reverse osmosis membrane system work?

If you have question or you want to get offer for your project, you can send email or call us accordingly.

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