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Specifically, Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. produces custom and the turn-key water treatment systems and the purification equipment. Our product range is the reverse osmosis water treatment plants (i.e.,seawater, brackish water, tap water, borehole water etc.), the ultrafiltration uf systems, the electrodeionization edi systems, the water media filter systems, the cartridge and bag filter housings. Besides them, we have the containerized water treatment equipment and the uv sterilizers. In addition, we design and manufacture all of our systems in CHINA. 

  • Quality Control System
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Specifically, Professional Staff
  • Professional and Qualified
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Purification Customized

Surely Provide the Best Water Treatment Systems

Hence, CHUNKE offers the complete services solutions. As well as supplying any water quantity and quality needed to meet requirements of customer. Besides these services, now we are giving education with our Youtube Channel.

Engineering Service

After all, CHUNKE’s engineering team analyzes your water problem and give the best solution. In addition, 3D software solution helps you to understand whole process.

Expert Guidance Service

Hence, CHUNKE guarantees quality of water and quantity for our high-tech water treatment machines. Meanwhile, our engineering team gives training and the education for operation.

After-Sale Service

As a result, we provide the service for all of our water treatment machines. Hence, we guarantee each of our customers a response within 24 hours.

We Are Leader Though Water Treatment Systems Industry

In addition, CHUNKE is specialized in designing and manufacturing of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants and purification equipment. We build system for over 15 years and more than 1,000 water purification systems. Most importantly, include 500 customized systems accordingly.

We Are Ready to Solve Your Water Proplem Specifically!

Furthermore, any source of water, any quantity of water, we always solve your water treatment problem…

Quality Control

Because CHUNKE is ISO:9001 certificated ro water treatment systems manufacturer.

Smart Technology

Hence our commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems can be customized.

How We Works

The way we work is shaped by a professional management approach based on respect and love for people, while on the path of science and technology.


Firstly, analyze source of water, water quality, application and out-put water specification.


Secondly, Lower energy cost, easy to use, high efficiency, simultaneously affordable price and high quality.


Finally, take care all details, quality, follow engineering design, in discipline on time.

Meet Our Water Treatmet Systems Expert Team

Managers of Sales Department, Production Department and in addition Quality Control Department

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Ivu Guo

Sales Manager

Yunfei Shao

Production Manager

Xiao Qiu

Quality Manager

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