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While the water treatment companies of commercial & industrial different cartridge filter housings to consumers; only specific types are appropriate for your applications. So these choices depend on the type of function you want a filter to deliver.

So, to understand more about the process of water filtration and which security or bag filter housings would be most suitable to your process or application, then it is imperative to read the following explanation.

First of all CHUNKE  designs and produces high quality water bag filter housings that use the same materials and produce similar performance specifications as the equivalent filters of other well-known brands. Second CHUNKE also has a reputable brands for many of the well-known cartridge filter housing producers name in security filter, carbon block water filters & cartridge filters, including Pentek / Ametek, Harmsco and Shelco. In addition we produces by ourselves our brands also stock large quantities of these products for immediate delivery.

In the same way CHUNKE has over 15 years of experience of being one of the world’s most premier suppliers of security filter housings for commercial and industrial applications. As a result, our engineering team has produced the best cartridge filter housings for several different sanitary and industrial requirements.

Capacity Range: 0.1m3 to 600m3/Hour
Material: Stainless Steel SS304,SS316, Carbon Steel
Working Pressure: 150psi
Operating Temperature: 4-1500C

Capacity Range: 0.1m3 to 600m3/Hour
Material: U-PV, FRP
Working Pressure: 100psi
Operating Temperature: 4-1500C

Who is the best security filter housing producer in China?

First of all, our cartridge filters and security filter housings have very competitive price. We produce stainless steel housings and cartridge filters with different types of cartridge elements in our China factory.

So, CHUNKE can supply you with cartridges to suit nearly every application and from nearly any manufacturer. With more than 15 years of experience, our engineers are equipped with the expertise to construct first-rate cartridge filter housing, bag filter housing, cartridge filter vessel for any industrial and filtering needs. Custom designed cartridges are also available for your unique needs.

What is cartridge filter housings?

Security filter housing is generally responsible for cleaning or polishing in any type of process industry. Hence, cartridge filter housing works by evenly distributing unfiltered water around the cartridges, from the outside to the inside. So, suspended solids are captured from the outside for an easy expulsion, and the filtered water exits through the outlet pipe. Therefore, we call cartridge filter housings as security filter, they protect the ro membranes or uf membranes.

How often do I change PP filters in cartridge filter housings?

As a result, it depends on the raw water quality but generally it is about 1 month to change PP cartridges for cartridge filter housings. So, to get more information about reverse osmosis water treatment system, please visit our link.

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