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drinking water plant

We are using drinking water plant to remove particles and organisms that lead to diseases and protect the public’s welfare and supply pure drinkable water to the environment. For this purpose, we are using different processes. For example, mostly water treatment companies use water media filters, ultrafiltration system, nanofiltration systems, reverse osmosis system, electrodeionization systems, ion-exchange water softener systems. Which process we will choose is depend on your water quality. So, we have to know your water analysis report.

In addition, drinking water filtration system also provide drinking water that is pleasant to the senses: taste, sight and smell and provide safe, reliable drinking water to the communities they serve.

What is drinking water plant?

Drinking water plant is including water treatment system, bottle producing system bottle filling line and finally bottle package system.

Water treatment system, as a word originally means the act or process of making water more potable or useful, as by purifying, clarifying, softening or deodorizing it.

To provide drinking water to the public is one of the most important tasks of communities and the design of water supply systems has to follow the rules of engineering sciences and also needs technical knowledge and practical experience. Water is treated differently in different communities depending on the quality of the water which enters the plant. For example; groundwater requires less treatment than water from lakes, rivers and streams. In order to analyze all these technical aspects in the drinking water treatment systems and for the supplement of a training guide on drinking water treatment plants.

RO Reverse osmosis vs. UF Ultrafiltration

We got this question so often. Which system we have to choose? Do we need reverse osmosis system or do we need ultrafiltration system? Which water treatment system is best for drinking water plant?

This one is depending on your raw water quality. So, when we design drinking water plant, we have to know your water analysis report. If your source water is very clean, very less TDS (less than 100ppm). If there is no turbidity, if there is very less bacteria, virus or orgonic compound. We can go on with pretreatment (sand media filter, carbon media filter) + ultrafiltration system + uv sterilizer or ozone generator. But if your water TDS is high, we have to use 1 pass or maybe double pass reverse osmosis system.

To get more info about reverse osmosis ro system, ultrafiltration uf system, electrodeionization system, bottle filling line, water media filters, water softeners for drinking water plant please visit our pages.

Drinking water treatment + bottle filling line flow diagram

drinking water plant flow diagram

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