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How to Start Water Refilling Station Business with High Profit

You want to start your own water refill station business and you want to know how to start water refilling station business? What is the cost for running this business? In this article i will let you know all details and also end of this article, i give you a calculator to calculate your all cost. Now, start reading it.

Chunke Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Systems are best choice for you to start water refilling station business. So, you can be sure that we will supply to you most economical, best quality and sustainable water filter system. Meanwhile, we have wide material and brand option for you to make your business profitable.

1. Evaluate your budget

Before starting water refilling station business, first you evaluate your budget. How much money do you have for this business, to invest and continue. If you cannot sale, how long can you survive? So, I deeply suggest to you, if you do not have enough money, do not start this business, do not start any business. If you are thinking that, when you start business, money come very quickly, it is wrong. You need time, and it cannot be short time, maybe 2 months, 4 months accordingly. Do not forget, to start business take time, take efforts and take your money. So, you have to pay your bill, you have to eat, right. If you do not have enough budget, it is better to work in a job.

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2. Marketing analysis for Water Refilling Station Business

You have to make marketing analysis and you must understand water filling industry very well before starting. You must be careful and consider all your steps as if you were playing chess. How much do your competitors sell a drum of water? How many liters water do they sale in a month? What does customer take care on drinking water, can you get all necessary certificate for your business from government and health ministry, how can you be better or different from your competitors, what should you do better than them. When you open your water refilling station, how customer will find you? Do you know how to use Facebook, Instagram or Google advertisement and how much budget you will spend for ads.

3. Find a good location for Water Refilling Station

And also, to find a good location for your business, your customer should come very easy to your shop or maybe you send water to them with minimum cost, for example, electrical bike. And there must be enough potential, i mean number of customers around your location, to continue your business, to sale more. I think that for a start 20-30m2 area is enough for you. So, you can use a reverse osmosis water purifier 250 liter per hour or 500 liter per hour at the beginning. It makes 2500liter and 5000liter water accordingly, if you work 10 hours per a day. If your sales are going more, you can increase capacity. Of course, set your shop on a busy street makes you more visible. And you have to check your cost for shop rent, worker cost very well for water refilling station business accordingly.

4. Secure your requirements

There is another important issue. Secure your requirements. Such as what kind of equipment you need, what is your water source, what must your water quality be, which health certificates you need. So, if you use city, tap water, it is additional cost for you. Meanwhile. if you have a well or water source, you do not need to pay for extra cost for source water, it is very good and big advantage for you starting water refilling station business. But also, what kind of water purifier you will buy. Hence, you start a business; you have big dream. Many years your work hard and save money to start your own business accordingly. Do not put at risk your time, your money and your high performance by buying low quality and cheap water purifier system. 

I am very long years in this industry and i have seen a lot of cases. In market, there are very cheap systems. But result is high maintenance cost, high electric energy consumption, cannot find spare parts, short reverse osmosis membrane life, lower output water capacity and many other problems. Which makes your investment and efforts meaningless. So, Chunke Water Refilling Station Reverse Osmosis Systems are high quality, affordable and sustainable. Our systems have 18 months guarantee. So, you can use RO membrane 3 to 5 years, which help you to reduce your running business cost. And you will get stable treated water quality.

5. Promote your business

Promote your business. You should reach to people, you must be visible, get people’s attention. You must be visible in social media. Now, the best way to promote your water refilling station business and your product, use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Google ads. Every people have a smart phone, and people decide to buy something, they want to see it in social media. This is the key factor to make more business. You have to study and understand how social media platforms are working? There are a lot of videos in YouTube to help you.


You have to be sure your water is tasty, safe, clean and better than competitors.

6. Set a Target

Give a target for yourself. Short- and long-term targets. I have some customers, they start water refilling station business with smallest size reverse osmosis system and now, they have bottled water production factory.

Never give up on your dreams, the biggest power that will cause your business to grow will come from your dreams.

Water Refilling Station Investment Cost Calculator

I leave a link here (water refill station cost calculator), to calculate your cost to start this business, like equipment cost, electrical cost, worker cost, rent cost and others. What is the cost to produce 1L water. You can calculate with Chunke Water Refilling Station Investment Calculator. You use this calculator, and check you are ready or not. Hope you will be successful and we make bigger drinking water project together near future.

You can watch below video and understand how to use Chunke Water Refilling Station Investment Cost Calculator.

Maybe i did not explain all details in this article, but you can freely contact with us, we are here to help and support to you and your business.

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