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Multi-Cartridge Plastic Filter Housings

Multi-Cartridge Plastic Filter Housings

CHUNKE offers a variety of multi-cartridge plastic filter housings sizes and styles in PVC and FRP material that assures maximum durability. So, PFH housings (plastic filter housing) are ideal for most industrial/commercial applications including seawater and corrosive applications. Also, PFH housings easily accept PA, PP cartridges. With our wide range of models, options, and filter cartridges, these units can meet most requirements, including filtration of particulates, chlorine taste, odor and for inhibition of scale and corrosion.

What is multi-cartridge plastic filter housings? U-PVC and FRP

Multi-cartridge Filter Housings are clamp closure design for industrial grade filtration. So, We make them of durable fiberglass reinforce plastic, U-PVC, PVDF. Meanwhile, they are suitable for RO Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Paints, Wastewater recycling, Petrochemicals and Plating Solutions. Hence, FRP Filter Housings are designed for a variety of industrial filtration applications. Built from fibre reinforced plastic, these systems can be used for any water treatment application including sea water filtration.

What is the advantage, benefits and features of PFH filter housings?

  • Full Corrosion Resistance for a wide range of applications.
  • UV protection for Outdoor Installations accordingly.
  • Standard 10 Bar design pressure covers a wide range of services.
  • Quick and Easy cartridge replacements consequently.

Types of Plastic Multi-Cartridge / Multi-Bag Filter Housing:

Our Cartridge Plastic Filter Housings filters range are into two types, firstly namely the FRP or UPVC filter cartridge housings and secondly bag filter housings. So, cartridge filter housings are available for high flow cartridge filter housing and multi-cartridge filter housings.

In addition, the multi-cartridge filter housings are available in 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”. The single high flow plastic cartridge filter housing is available in 20’’, 40’’ and 60’’ outer diameter 6inch.

So, we offer various types of multi cartridge plastic filter housings types to meet some chemical liquid filtration processes and high corrosion situations. We can help you find the best solution for all your filtration needs.

Is CE, ASME, GB standards available for cartridge filter housing?

Chunke stainless steel multi cartridge plastic filter housings housings have been certified to CE (Conformite Europeenne) standards, ASME standards, and GB standards to certifies that our products could met worldwide housings standards.

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