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Solar Powered Ultrafiltration UF System

Solar Powered Ultrafiltration UF System

Solar Powered Ultrafiltration UF System is a membrane filtration process similar to Reverse Osmosis, using hydrostatic pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. Hence, Solar ultrafiltration uf system uses sun light to produce electric. So, the pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane is usually 103 – 106 Daltons. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a pressure-driven barrier to suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins and other pathogens to produce water with very high purity and low silt density.

What is solar panel in solar powered ultrafiltration system?

So, solar cell panel, solar electric panel, photo-voltaic (PV) module or solar panel is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. A collection of PV modules is a PV panel, and we call a system of PV panels as an array. Hence, arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to electrical equipment. As a result, solar power becomes popular in water industry. So, our solar powered ultrafiltration system is best option for you.

What can one do if solar power is not enough?

In Hybrid Power Systems generate the power from a combination of power sources such as solar PV, wind generator, hydro generators and may use a LPG, petrol or diesel generator when the renewable energy generator is not meeting the power demand. Also solar uf systems is available with additional battery.

What is the difference between an ultrafiltration system and a reverse osmosis system?

A solar uf system can filter the most solid particulates in fluids, but it is not able to filter out dissolved particulate like a reverse osmosis system. However, an ultrafiltration system can filter smaller particulate than a microfiltration or standard carbon filter can. So, if you want to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS), you must use reverse osmosis water purifier system.

The ideal application of solar powered ultrafiltration uf system:

  • Homes
  • Emergency & Disaster Relief Water Treatment Systems
  • Small Villages
  • Water Recycling And Reuse
  • Missionary Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Adventure Tours
  • Military Troops
  • Backcountry Trips
  • Reclaimed Water Treatment

Above applications are most popular solar powered ultrafiltration uf system application accordingly. 

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