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Chunke as water treatment company knows that Water is most important element for world. Without out it, life as we know it would cease to exist. It is an essential building block for all forms of life. Human bodies are made up of about 60% of this liquid.

water treatment company

Water exists in nature in 3 states, solid, liquid and gas. Water treatment companies use different technologies to purify water. For example, reverse osmosis membrane filtration, ultrafiltration systems, electrodeinization systems.

These water treatment companies usually range from small family-owned businesses to large corporate operations; their main goal is to purify and treat all types of water to make it available for consumption, domestic, commercial and industrial use. Tap water, brackish water, sea water, grey and black water; it’s all treatable with the right technology and proper equipment.

Why water treatment companies are important?

Hence, in the world, some places have limited water to use daily life. For example, salty water, dirty water, high TDS (total dissolved solids) content water. So, water treatment companies use reverse osmosis and desalination technology and solve water scarcity problem.

Unfortunately, there are over one billion people in the world who do not have access to clean pure water. Hundreds of people continue to die as a result of water borne diseases, parasites and dehydration every day. So, this is why governments and different communities turn to water treatment companies to help water their populace. These companies advise and supply them with the necessary equipment to bring potable water to their regions.

On the other hand, water purification companies also research, design and production water filtration systems for big size enterprises, for example bottling water producer, food companies, beverage companies and other similar industries. Water filter companies also manufacture smaller commercial reverse osmosis systems.

water treatment companies

The Importance of Water Treatment Company

Some of the water treatment companies are specialized on wastewater treatment or grey water treatment, this kind of wastewater treatment companies are using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and membrane bioreactor (MBR). So, this type of wastewater treatment systems make it possible for grey and black water to use again. So, we call this one recycle water. You can use recycle water for irrigation and it goes to environment safely. Farmers use grey water for crops and lawns accordingly.

Some governments make project with water treatment company and return black water to environment without harming ecosystem. Black water contains sewage. Therefore, it is very important that water treatment companies treat black water.

So, maybe it is clearer for you why water treatment companies are important for environment, industry and people daily life. For example, you are not sure your tap water, maybe you are thinking that it is not clean as well to give your child. So, you can buy reverse osmosis membrane system to gain clean and safe drinking water from a water treatment company.

Water treatment companies also manufacture a system to produce ultra-pure water for pharmaceutical industry to produce medicine or vaccine. These kinds of systems are double pass reverse osmosis system or electrodeionization water filters. These systems produce water which TDS level is less than 1ppm.

Providing Clean Water Around the World is Our Misson

Water filtration companies, for example Chunke Water Treatment, established in 2009 at Guangzhou, China. We design and produce reverse osmosis, desalination, waste water treatment, ultrafiltration, MBR, Electrodeionization (EDI), pretreatment systems, sand filters, carbon filters and water softener systems. Hence, like many other water treatment companies, we send our systems to all over the world. Chunke as water treatment company has finished over 1000 projects in over 100 countries.

Sometimes, we are getting this question, “Is reverse osmosis water heathy to drink?”. Please watch our video below, we have explained it as well.

As you know, world is not clean as before. So, our drinking water is contaminant with outside dangerous chemical, for example, arsenic, micro size plastics, heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Hg…etc.), so water treatment companies continuously research and find new technology to remove these chemicals our waters.

water purifier company

Chunke, as water filtration plant manufacturer provides water treatment systems such as:

1. Desalination Systems: Desalinate Sea water for drinking, irrigation etc.
2. Brackish Water System: Desalinate salty underground water, well water or surface water.
3. Ultrafiltration System: If you do not have high TDS problem.
4. Electrodeionization System: Achieve ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industry, power plant, boilers.

We know that every water source and every application is unique. So, Chunke Water Treatment with high experienced technical team can provide customize solution for your existing situation. We offer a huge variety of water systems including wastewater treatment plants, RO System, Containerized Water Treatment Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems and more.

What is the best water treatment company in China?

Chunke water treatment is a leading water treatment company in China. We are producing water treatment plant for all kind of source, for example, tap water, sea water, brackish water, well water, borehole water, wastewater and more.

water filtration company

How much wastewater is treated globally?

Globally, 56 per cent of household wastewater flows were safely treated in 2020 (extrapolated from data from 128 countries representing 80 per cent of the global population).

Which country wastes the most water?

Countries with the highest water waste:

  • China: 362 trillion gallons/year.
  • United States: 216 trillion gallons/year.
  • Brazil: 95 trillion gallons/year.
  • Russia: 71 trillion gallons/year.
  • Mexico: 53 trillion gallons/year.
  • India: 30 trillion gallons/year.
  • England: 20 trillion gallons/year.
  • France: 20 trillion gallons/year.

What country uses the least water?

Eritrea tops this somber list according to WaterAid’s report published at the end of last year, The Water Gap. The State of the World’s Water 2018.

Papua New Guinea is the second country in the world with the lowest access to water, threatened by rising sea levels, extreme weather events and other devastating effects of climate change. In 2017, Papua New Guinea was at the top of this list.

Which country recycles the most water?

Israel Leads World in Water Recycling:
With a focus on agriculture irrigation, nearly 90% of the country’s wastewater is now reused. Arid Israel has historically suffered from water scarcity, but now, it has achieved water security.

What country has the best water quality?

According to the United Nations, Finland ranks amongst the best in the world for its tap water quality. It is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink.

What country has the freshest drinking water?

Brazil has highest freshwater resources in the world which is accounts for approximately 12% of the world’s freshwater resources. It is just because Amazon region this country contains 70% of the total freshwater. Russia has second largest freshwater reserve which is approximately 1/5 of freshwater in the world.

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