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Commercial Water Filter System

Commercial Water Filter System

commercial water filtration system

Chunke is professional industrial and commercial water filter system producer from China. Meanwhile, we are ISO9001 certificated 15 years experienced manufacturer located in Guangzhou.

First of all, we explain what is the commercial water filter system accordingly.

What is commercial water filter system?

Commercial water filter system is suitable for small and medium size enterprise. Medium size water filtration systems’ capacity range 100 LPH to 50 M3/H.  So, when we talk about water filtration systems, it includes water media filtration, water softener, cartridge or bag filter housing, reverse osmosis system, uv sterilizers, ozone generators. Hence, depend on your raw water quality, you can use one of them or combination of them accordingly in water filtration system.

First of all, we explain three major filtration system.

What is reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis water purification systems are highly adaptable and using by many water filtration plants. A system based on RO technology has proven to be a great solution for removing dissolved salts, fluoride, and bacteria from the water by ro membrane.

What is water media filtration system?

Commercial water media filtration system also uses activated carbon water media filter technology that works by binding toxins and impurities in the water with carbon. Carbon filters help in absorbing the contaminants, assisting in the water purification process. Carbon filters are typically used to eliminate chlorine and other harmful chemicals from water. Also, sand or gravel can be in system to remove bigger particle from water.

UV Sterilizer and Ozone Generator

UV sterilization or ozone generator is one of the most effective and efficient methods of purifying water and destroying bacteria, microbes, and another harmful microorganism present in water. When water is passed through UV light or ozone passes in water, it helps kill any present viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that might be in it, making the water potable.

Do i need commercial water filter system?

If your water source is not clean, salty or hard, you must need water filtration system consequently. Because it is not heathy for human, or it is not good for your process or machines. Because it causes clog on pipes, reduce energy efficiency for example boiler systems an so on

Is there a water filer company near to me?

Chunke is located in Guangzhou, CHINA. We are not sure near to you but we are far just for one phone call or message.

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