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Commercial Water Softener Systems

Commercial Water Softener Systems

CHUNKE’s commercial water softener systems eliminates hard minerals from the product water using an effective resin. The resin absorbs calcium and magnesium ions (hard minerals) in the water and exchanges it with sodium ions (salt), which is regenerated in a periodic basis. As the hard ions begin greatly outnumbering the sodium ions, the system replenishes the resin with more salt by utilizing a brine solution. This process effectively cleanses off the hardness and adds more salt throughout the surface of the resin. The softened water goes to reverse osmosis systems for further treatment in order to completely eradicate the salt without the risk of scaling.

Why i have to use commercial water softener systems?

Removal of calcium and magnesium compounds in water (limestone hardness) eliminates scaling in piping, process equipment, and heat exchange systems. As well as greatly improve the effectiveness of cleaning and rinsing processes. CHUNKE commercial water softeners are specifically reducing the “hardness” of water by removing these elements.

What are the benefits of commercial water softener systems?

Commercial water softeners soften water by decreasing the level of minerals present in hard water. Therefore, protecting the pipes, fixtures, appliances, and human health from lime scaling damage. Soft water drastically reduces energy, unnecessary repair & replacement, and water bills. The cleaning results with soft water are also high. Some of the benefits include:

Reduce water hardness:

Hard water has increased amount of magnesium and calcium. We soften water to reduce these minerals that tend to cause damage to human skin, hair, appliances, pipes, etc. In other words, water softeners reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in water, therefore, reducing the hardness of water.

Better water taste with commercial water softener systems:

Hard water has a typical salty and sour taste. It has a particular odor too which is not so good. The work of ion exchange resin water softeners is to convert hard chemicals into soft ones. After the process, water contains a residue chemical known as sodium bicarbonate. The taste of water becomes a little sweet reducing the saltiness that was caused by sodium chloride. And the foul smell also decreases.

Less harmfull to human health:

Hard water has adverse effects on skin and hair. It can also cause dryness, rashes, and other skin problems. On the other hand, soft water prevents all of these. Soft water avoid skin irritation and itchiness. Therefore, water softener is good for residential as well as commercial uses.

Long term intake of hard water can cause serious stone issues in the body. Excess of calcium and magnesium aren’t good for human body. The former can cause overgrowth of bone joints, rough throat lining, and a yellow layer on the teeth.

Reduce scalling problems:

Hard water causes lime scaling which is a chalky layer created due to calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. This layer gets deposited on kitchen sink, bathroom tiles, faucets, utensils, and pipes through which the water passes. Water softener decreases the prevents scaling and any kind of layer formation.

Clogged pipelines cause due to lime scaling. Minerals in the hard water get deposited on the walls of the pipes and block the waterway. This reduces the flow rate of the water and can also cause leakage or permanent damage to the pipes. Water softener reduces the mineral levels preventing the damages.

Save energy, water & appliances:

As mentioned above, hard water causes scaling. This can happen in water heaters and other appliances that use water. If lime scales form in water heaters, energy intake would increase. Before water, the heater has to heat the scale. Energy consumption is higher as the heater has to work longer than required. Moreover, hard water can cause leakage in the water heater and pipes as it damages them.

Hard water can be more harmful to your appliances than human health. It can reduce the longevity and performance level of the appliances. Water softeners decrease the mineral levels in the water that cause lime scaling. The layers of calcium and magnesium deposits reduce. Therefore, appliances and pipe fittings last longer and perform better.

Hard water can stain and damage glassware. It also has the capacity to make them more prone to breaking easily. We can reduce it with the use of water softeners. Therefore, water softeners are very cost-effective.

Reduce maintenance cost:

Hard water damages the pipes through which water passes. Lime scales gets deposited on the walls of the pipes. This can also cause leakage. Scaling can also damage the appliances. Water softener reduces all of these problems, with no frequent repairs and replacements, ultimately, decreasing the maintenance cost.

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