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Today, we will discuss “how to buy reverse osmosis system from China?”. We write this article to help you to find good supplier and good quality reverse osmosis plant from China.

how to buy reverse osmosis system from china

Reverse osmosis (RO) water is more than just filtered water. It offers a number of benefits for you and your home. Installing an RO system means getting a virtually limitless supply of safer, great-tasting water for your whole family while also making a positive difference for the environment and reducing your household expenses.

Also, it is same for industrial application. Reverse Osmosis Plant offers a number of benefits for your production and process. Because it helps you to reduce energy cost in boiler application, improve end product quality, make your process robust, better colors on end product, better taste…etc.


Step 1: Internet Search

You can search from internet. For this one you can use Google, Baidu, Alibaba and Made-in-China webpages.

Google is widely used in world, but it is not popular in china as rest of the word. Because YouTube, Google, Facebook and Instagram need VPN for chinese user. But most of chinese supplier start making investment to google. Such as if we write “reverse osmosis system from China” in Google. We can see some results like belows:

how to buy reverse osmosis system from China

In fact that, you want to buy a system from China, because of price. As you see, Google first page, although you searched for RO system from China, one USA company comes, it is one of the well-known company for water treatment manufacturing. Meanwhile, it is Pureaqua, although we are using same brands and materials with them, their price around 2-3 times more than us. And they do not make production in China, but if you are not in this industry, maybe you do not know them. In fact that you are looking for good quality and experienced Chinese RO Plant Manufacturing.

Google Search Results

So, when you check companies, from their webpage, please cheking them they are in China or not?

Such as our one of webpage is www.chunkerowaterplant.com is in google first page. So, if you click our links, you can see our products and contact with our technical sales team.

Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of google. But if you write here reverse osmosis system from China in English, you find mostly Alibaba or Made-in-China and trading company. But we suggest you to get good price, try to find Factory like Chunke Water Treatment.

So, i suggest you to use instead of Baidu, Alibaba or Made-in-China is better.

Alibaba is the biggest digital source to search products. Alibaba has more than 2.000.000 products and more than 150.000 suppliers worldwide. As Chunke reverse osmosis water treadtment system suplier, we also have alibaba account and when you write “reverse osmosis system” easily to find us in Alibaba. We are 12 years Gold Member of Alibaba, but here, i would like to warn you about Alibaba Suppliers. Meanwhile, in Covid-19 period, there are plenty of trading companies are using other factories photos and videos and they are introducing themselves as manufacturer (factory). In fact that, they are just trading company, and to sell more, they can find cheapest and worst quality system.

So, our suggestion is that you should be sure, they are really factory or trading company. It is very easy method for it, you call them and ask them to go factory side and show their company logo in factory building or ongoing production. Hence, iIf they cannot do this one, it means they are cheating you.

Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. is 12 years Gold Member of Alibaba with High Score.

Made-in-China is another platform like Alibaba, as personal i am thinking that Made-in-China Suppliers are better than Alibaba, but Alibaba is most popular. You can also search from made-in-china webpage and find supplier and check them they are really factory or not same as i explained to you.

how to buy reverse osmosis system from China


Step 2: Communication

You find some suppliers from internet, and you want to get more details about your reverse osmosis system. Frankly speaking, it is better to text first with Chinese Suppliers on WeChat or WhatsApp. All of Chinese people use WeChat, it looks like WhatsApp. In China, WhatsApp is not convenient, you must install VPN to your mobile to use WhatsApp and sometimes block. So, to communicate with Chinese supplier, my suggestion is to download WeChat APP. I am leaving link in below from Google Play.

After you download WeChat, you can add supplier WeChat id or phone number and communicate with them.

Right Question for How to buy reverse osmosis system from China

If supplier is professional on water treatment project, they will ask you these below question, if they do not ask, my suggestion you prepare this data for supplier.

1. What is water source?
2. Do you have water analysis report?
3. What is your electrical power supply? (Volt and Hz.)
4. What is usage of treated water? (such as drinking, pharmaceutical, irrigation…etc)
5. Do you have special demand on treated water?
6. Do you have special demand on brands and material on system?

As Chunke Reverse Osmosis system producer from China, when we design a system, we need these data. If you supply these data, we produce a system fit to your demand and usage. So, you do not spend more and use system long lasting.


Step 3: Online Meeting

After you inform supplier about your demand, and talking on some technical details, it is better to make Zoom, Google or Microsoft Teams Meeting. Hence, ask them to prepare company introduction and similar project cases presentation.

how to buy reverse osmosis plant from China

This method, make you sure that you are talking with right supplier. In meating, supplier has to use some photo or video from factory and some RO machine photos as project cases. Then, end of the meeting, ask them to go factory side to continue video meeting, and you can compare, in presentation photos are reall or fake. Please continue to read How to buy reverse osmosis system from China.

Microsft Teams, Zoom or Google Online Video Meeting

I underline this one, because there are a lot of trading company in China. They offer to you reverse osmosis plant. To get better price, you will tell them, you got better price other suppliers. They bargain, if they cannot persuade you, they asked any other supplier, who can give cheaper but worse quality and offer you again. And if you just focus on price, you made very big mistke. You think that you bought very cheap, but in fact that you bought most expensive machine. Because bad quality means, short system life, short RO membrane life, short pump life and you have to change all of them maybe 3 or 6 months later. It makes your cost maybe double.


Step 4: Visiting

If you have chance to visit supplier factory, it is great. Because as i told before, there are a lot of trading company, they introduce by themselves as factory, but when you visit them, you see just small office. Sometimes, these kinds of companies tell you, our factory is very far from here, it takes 2 hours by airplane. If your project is big, and they did not invite you to factory, just you see small office, ask them to cover airplane cost and go to factory side.

When you buy big size industrial reverse osmosis system, you must be sure that you are buying from factory. Otherwise, if you have problem when you use the sytem, you cannot find technical person understand your RO Machine problem and solve it. You lost time, you lost a lot of money.

Do not be fooled by luxury and fancy offices, you insist on seeing factory. You believe in me, you will have solved many problems that may arise later.


Step 5: Check Project Cases

If you cannot visit supplier factory, maybe you can ask to supplier to show similar project cases in your country. As Chunke RO Water Plant producer, we also get this demand from customers sometimes. If you are competitors with project case company, it is difficult to get permission, or sometimes customers do not want to open their door to others. But if you are not in same industry with our customer, we can arrange project case visiting in your country. Please do not forget, after you start using system, maybe one they we ask for favor to you. And also, you can ask references for similar project. This step is also one of the most important sections, in “How to buy reverse osmosis system from China” article,

how to buy reverse osmosis system from China


Step 6: Comparision

You followed our steps, and you got proposals from all suppliers. You sit on your desk and remove trading companies. You make a list and sort by price. First compare with technical, which material and brand they use. I am sure that you will not choose cheapest one. And remove which material, which brand and which design is not fit you. Then you have 3-4 quotation in your hand, you can go on one of them, but which one. It is better to make table and give one plus for each supplier for below criteria. You can add more criteria as regards to your demand.

how to buy reverse osmosis system from China

1. Price
2. Guarantee Period
3. Experience (How many years)
4. Communication
5. Project cases
6. Factory and Workshop Situation
7. Reference Feedback
8. Reply Speed
9. Export Records

Who gets more “+”, compare and talk again, maybe you can bargain, maybe you make meeting again, then decide.

Hope our article "How to buy Reverse Osmosis System from China" will be usefull for you. Any question and if you need quotation, please feel free to fill in our fom in below:

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