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In your home or in your business, do you need clean and safe water by reverse osmosis system? First of all do you know if your children continue to drink common water, it gives a lot of health problem to your child at their older age? Or do you know if you continue to use common water in your process, it reduces your production efficiency, increases energy consumption, clogging and scaling pipes and lost a lot of money.

How to keep you and your family healthy or how to save your company’s money?

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In one day, you have to drink at least 2liter water for healthy life. But it is important that what kind of water you drink. Science shows that who drink clean and safe water lives longer than who drink less. Why we do not share more time with our family and friends?

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Or if you use RO treated water in your process, science shows that it increases efficiency and reduces energy cost. Here, one of our customer who has power plant just using reverse osmosis systems, they save 26.326USD per year.

Here, we are offering to you whole house water treatment system and commercial and industrial water treatment system. It gives to you;

What is benefits of Chunke RO System?

  • Clean and safe water for your health
  • Less TDS and Hardness, you can use your water pipes longer, forget clogging problems
  • Fully automatic system, you do not need additional time or worker to operate system, it works by itself.
  • We are using energy save pumps, you will gain pure water with less electrical cost.
  • You can use our machine long and long time, and all parts are universal, very easy to find spare parts.
  • CIP system clean your membranes automatically, you will use RO membranes longer and you will save cost.
  • Training and installing service, we can send our engineer to your side to install system for you.
  • Easy to install and operate, if you think that you can do it by yourself, we give video how to install and operate system, you do not need to pay a lot of money to installation or to learn how to operate.
  • Customization available: System is flexible any brand and material which you want to see on system, we can use it.
  • Logo: you can put your logo and company name on machine. Just give us your logo and details.

What do customers think about our products?

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